Other Estimating Resources

The following links provide other resources that may be useful in preparing an engineer's estimate:

  • Bid Summary Results: http://ppmoe.dot.ca.gov/des/oe/planholders/bidsum-result.php
    Bid summary results for the most recently awarded projects. This is the source of the data for the Contract Cost Data web site. Check the date of the most recently imported data before you head to this site. Then you only have to look at bid summaries after that date.
  • Caltrans Construction Cost Indexes: http://ppmoe.dot.ca.gov/des/oe/hist-price-index.php
    Price indexes published by Caltrans for major bid items that may fluctuate significantly in price over a short period of time. The cost indexes is based on quarterly data of bids opened in that quarter (but not necessarily awarded). Standard items tracked in this index include Roadway Excavation, Aggregate Base, AC, PCC (pavement), PCC (structural), Reinforcing Steel, and Structural Steel.
  • Equipment Rental Rate Information: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/construc/equipmnt.html
    Labor Surcharge and Equipment Rental Rates published by the California Department of Transportation.
  • Caltrans Statewide Crude Oil Price Index: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/construc/crudeoilindex/
    A useful gauge for determining a reasonable unit price for asphalt concrete. The Caltrans Statewide Crude Oil Price Index is used for adjustments to compensation for paving asphalt in accordance with the provisions of the Caltrans Special Provisions section, "Compensation Adjustments for Price Index Fluctuations."
  • The PDPM On Cost Estimates (Chapter 20): http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/oppd/pdpm/chap_pdf/chapt20.pdf
    The section of the Project Development Procedures Manual dealing with project development cost estimates.
  • Construction Contract Development Guide (formerly the Ready-To-List or RTL) Guide): http://ppmoe.dot.ca.gov/des/oe/guidance.html
    The Construction Contract Development Guide also has sections dealing with project estimates. See especially Section 7.
  • Headquarter's Estimating Site: http://www.dot.ca.gov/design/pjs/
    Headquarter's site dealing with estimating, with links for various resources. (This site, the one you are currently on, is maintained by District 8)
  • Guidance on Time-Related Overhead (TRO) and Mobilization